Announcement: How to Root Moto X and Motorola Android Devices!

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For those of you you who want to root your Moto X 1st generation or 2nd generation, here’s a universal root guide for Moto X, Moto G, Moto E, and other Motorola Android devices.

UPDATE: This root method also works for Moto X Pure/Style and newer Moto X devices!

This root method will work on all Motorola Android devices that came out in 2013 and later such as Moto X 1st/2nd gen, Moto G 1st/2nd gen, Moto X Pure/Style.  If rooting other Motorola Android device, you must find the ClockworkMod (CWM) or TWRP recovery image file for the specific Motorola Android device you are trying to root, which I will show you how to find in Step 7 of this tutorial.  So, let’s go root this!

This root guide works for all Android 4.4.2, 4.4.3, 4.4.4 KitKat and 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.1.1 Lollipop on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux/Ubuntu.

Step 1. Unlock the bootloader on your Motorola Android device, see How to Unlock Bootloader on Motorola Android!  Then go to Step 2.

Step 2. Power off your Moto X (or your Motorola device).  Then hold down Volume Down and Power buttons for about 3-4 seconds.


Step 2. Let go of the Power button and if you see the fastboot bootloader screen like below, you are good to go, let go of all the buttons.  If you don’t see this, try Step 1 and 2 again until you do.


Step 3. Your phone should say “Device is UNLOCKED” or something similar, which means you have an unlocked bootloader.  Go to Step 4.


Step 4. Connect a micro-USB cable from your Moto X (or other Motorola device) to your computer.


Step 5. If using Mac OSX or Linux/Ubuntu, you do not need to install drivers so skip to Step 6.  If using Windows, open device manager and make sure you see “Motorola ADB Interface”.  If you don’t see this, download and install Motorola USB drivers here.


Step 6. Download and unzip, you should get a folder called “fastboot” in your Downloads directory. (or you can unzip to a directory called “fastboot”)




Step 7. Go to our CWM/TWRP Recovery page for Moto X or Moto G to download the latest CWM or TWRP recovery for your phone.  If you have other Motorola device, you can check ROM Manager site or TWRP site to download the appropriate recovery image file.  (The recovery “image” file ends in “.img”.)


Step 8. Once downloaded, copy and paste the recovery image file to the “fastboot” folder you unzipped earlier.


Step 9. Open a terminal for Mac OSX or Linux/Ubuntu and command prompt for Windows. (If you don’t know how to do this, please Google it.)

Then type:

For Windows:
cd Downloads
cd fastboot
fastboot flash recovery PutNameOfRecoveryFilenameHere.img

For Mac OSX:
cd Downloads
cd fastboot
chmod 755 *
./fastboot-mac flash recovery PutNameOfRecoveryFilenameHere.img

For Mac OSX:
cd Downloads
cd fastboot
chmod 755 *
sudo ./fastboot-linux flash recovery PutNameOfRecoveryFilenameHere.img

This is the fastboot command that flashes custom recovery to your Moto X (or other Motorola device).  If you ever lose your custom recovery for any reason, you can try this again so bookmark this code somewhere in your brain just in case things go wrong in the future.


Step 10. Reboot your Motorola device.


Step 11. Download SuperSU zip file onto your Motorola device.


Download SuperSU zip file


Step 12. Power off your Motorola device then do the buttons again to enter fastboot bootloader screen.


Step 13. Choose “Recovery” using Volume Down button then hit Volume Up button to select it.


Step 14. You should now see either CWM or TWRP recovery depending on which recovery you’ve installed.  If using CWM recovery, use “install zip” menu to find the SuperSU zip file you copied over earlier and use “install” option for TWRP.  Then install/flash the SuperSU zip file.






Step 15. Reboot your Moto X (or other Motorola device) and you should find a new app called “SuperSU” in your app drawer.  Open it once and if it asks you to update binaries, say yes and use the “normal” method.  If it doesn’t ask you, you are good to go!


Step 16. You can download any rooted app like Titanium Backup app from Play Store and open it.  You should see a Superuser request window pop-up.  If you see this, you have verified full root,congratulations!



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50 thoughts on “Announcement: How to Root Moto X and Motorola Android Devices!

  1. Stone Wang

    Hey zedomax, big fan of yours here and I appreciate all your work. If I have a Moto X (2013) that has an non-unlockable boot loader, will I still be able to get root? Even if I don’t want to install custom roms (xposed will suffice).

      1. rishabh

        sir thank you for showing how to root and unlock bootloader now please tell me how do I again lock bootloader and unroot my device so that I can claim my moto warranty back.

        I need to take me phone to service centre to have me phone`s sotware updated its been a while and my phone is getting slow.

        otherwise tell me a way how can I do it myself at home if getting warranty back is not possible. Im using moto x 2014 model (xt1094) running on kitkat and i havent installed any custom rom or anything i have just simply rooted the phone thats it.

    1. Mike

      Max, when I choose Recovery an Android appears with the phrase “no command” Its because I have a carrier from Mexico? Should I need to browse another recovery img file for my specific carrier?
      -Thank You

    1. rafael

      Friend I think who can help you a developer Roms this version can not root unless a developer has a way to edit the firmware and change the recovey factory for other custom recovey and leave the ROM you can flash with rsd lite ..

  2. Kenzel

    Hi, I know you said this will work for motorola devices but just to make sure will it work for my Motorola Razr Droid Maxx HD? I tried many ways to root it after accidentally updated to 4.4.2 it didn’t work.

  3. Martin B.

    Yo max, so I picked up a Moto x, it came out of the box with 4.4.4 kit Kat. And it’s AT&T. So am I right to assume that this root method won’t work for this version since the boot loader is locked because att is communist?

  4. Atomicglue

    Hey Max. Love the site.
    I own a 1st Gen Moto X that is currently rooted with stock ROM. I have KK version 4.4.2. I’ve heard that if I try to upgrade my phone to 4.4.4, I’ll loose root. (and possibly brick my phone) Is this true. If so, what would you recommend?

  5. anton

    i had tried to root my my x 2013. till step 13 everything was good. but after tat i cant able instal zip file. its showing ‘no comand’ wit a android ligo’s chest opened with a warning symbol. so please what shod i do now…

  6. mike

    I unlocked boot loader on Moto E 2nd gen. Rooting on a Mac. Got to last line of code in terminal
    sudo ./fastboot-linux flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
    was asked for password. I assumed it’s my mac admin password. Got following no go message after entering password (which is not visible)
    ./fastboot-linux: ./fastboot-linux: cannot execute binary file
    mikes-MBP:fastboot dharma52$

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    1. Rene

      Just in case you still have this problem or if someone else has it… There is a mistake in the tutorial, you copied the linux code, he named it as mac osx but thats for linux, you should copy the second code option.

  7. hans jean

    I have moto x dev ed 4.4.4, I just unlock the bootloader. i tried to install this custom recovery i keep getting this.
    variable not supported!
    target reported max download size of 805306368 bytes
    etc etc…

    i dont why it keeps doing that

  8. harsh

    i use all that method. i unlock bootloadr but i cant insatl cwm .. after select recover its show no command. i have moto xt1092
    please help me.. i really need help..

  9. harsh

    i using moto x xt1092 . from india. i cant find any img file of xt1092. i try to use xt 1095 but its said missmatch. and when i go to recovery its show no command. please help me.. i am in half way…please

      1. harsh

        you can find that on motorola help site.. i root moto x xt1092
        motorola customer care will give u link for that imag.. and that will help u to unlock the bootloader

  10. Robin Hardman

    Hey, great article, thanks!

    Whenever I try to flash any recovery, I always get an error saying it couldn’t load the file. I know it’s in the right directory, any ideas on how to fix this?

    The device is an XT 1060 on T-Mobile.

  11. Ravi

    Hey, Thank you very much for the detailed process. I rooted my Moto X by following the given steps. Thanks for th great help dude.

  12. sharan

    i did almost everything u told and got to the point of flashing the supersu but before that the twrp recovery never worked on mine… it still goes back to the standard android recovery tool… anything i might have done wrong?

    1. sharan

      oh and i tried this on my moto x xt 1052 which received the 5.1 ota… i wanted the root access as android was storing data on my device for unknown reasons which practically took up half the storage space on my phone

  13. Cesar

    I have bought a used Moto G 2nd Gen. and it came with the bootloader unlocked it said on the screen at startup and confirmed on the fasboot screen. I have tried several times to flash TWRP and also CWM and after selecting Recovery on the fastboot screen, nothing happens the screen just remains black. What can I do??

  14. Del

    Great article! Thanks to you my bootloader is unlocked and phone is rooted successfully. Keep up with the wonderful works!

  15. topher chustz

    i have an at&t 1st gen moto g and its bootloader is apparently unlockable, is there any way to root my device or am i up piss creek without a paddle? btw im using windows 8 on a laptop, i already have my motorola device drivers installed and i have android studio (im not sure if i actually need android studio or not). any help will be appreciated, thank you

  16. Jasbir

    Hi ,
    I have a moto xt 1052 ghost retail.
    I have already flashed ,twrp, and cm recovery . but when I flash recovery, it is showing that bootloader variant not supported , so that my mobile is not booting and restarting . it is starting on normal startup and always reloads all applications .
    so sir is there any one who can help me….

  17. OmK

    Hey. I was flashing the twrp in my moto x xt1052
    I entered the commands on the command prompt, and everything worked well apart from one thing, I got a message “Variable not supported!” on the command prompt. What does this mean? Is this some really bad sign?

  18. OmK

    Hey, it’s me again. I downloaded the from the given website, and then fastbooted the phone again. I went into recovery, but I got a “No Command” error. Could you please help me out on this ? Thanks.

  19. Omkar

    I have moto x 1st gen 2013 cell.
    I want to root it .is that possible?
    My current Android os is 5.1 lollipop.
    So i need steps to root.please help me

  20. Tyler

    So I have a old DROID Razr Maxx HD and that I’m looking to get rooted. It’s just a old phone that’s basically been sitting around for a while because I upgraded to the DROID turbo. I’m wanting to make sure that this will definitely work on it with no issues. Thanks.

  21. Prabumj


    i have been facing problem with the moto x device since the lolipop update , where mobile wifi,bluetooth and camera were not opening at all, so it rooted the device to stock 4.4.4. but my problem has not resolved. any suggestion

  22. Maulik R.

    Hi Max,

    I am installing CWM or TWRP on my Moto x 2014 edition, but I keep on getting a message “Mismatched partition size (recovery)”.

    Can you suggest me a recovery which can be installed on my phone?

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*Note - If you have a question about your phone, please make sure specify which model and carrier you are using also!

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