Why Root Moto X?

Why Root Moto X?

There may be a million reasons to root your Motorola Moto X but let’s start talking about the different reasons first.

First, rooting your Moto X will give you full control over your phone that you’ve already paid full price for.  By rooting your Moto X, you will be able to run 3rd-party rooted apps and install custom ROMs developed by open-source developers.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  If you want to get the most out of your Moto X, you really need to root your phone.  Some of the cool things a rooted Moto X can do include enabling wifi hotspot (e.g. if your carrier blocks it like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon), making full backup ROMs (backs up your whole OS plus settings/apps/app data), and even modifying system files to get a high score in a game.

Custom ROMs can also be great for changing/swapping out your whole OS (operating system) with something different like a pure Google Android OS, MIUI (different type of Android OS), and many cool ROMs like Paranoid Android, Gummy, LiquidSmooth, PACMan, and much more.  These different custom ROMs can be great for changing the look of your phone and adding new features.

As an example, you can get a quick flashlight shortcut to turn on the LED while your phone’s screen if off by holding down the Volume button for 3 seconds.  Also you can double-tap your screen to turn the screen off.  There’s actually a ton of these types of customization offered through custom ROMs, normally not found if you are still on stock firmware.

Whatever you wish your phone to do that your phone doesn’t support out of the box, rooting and custom ROMs may enable to add that feature to your phone by rooting and installing custom ROMs, which is what this website is all about.  You may not realize what your phone can really do for you until you actually go through the process of rooting and installing custom ROMs.

Personally, I have seen a dozen people in the last few years who have gone from a regular Android smartphone user to a custom ROM flasholic to even moving into developing their own custom ROMs to fit their own needs (and also sharing their custom ROM with others as Android is 100% open source).

All of these reasons may be great for the user but in the long run, this niche of phone modding helps contribute to the open source society.  The big picture?  Unlike closed-systems like Microsoft or Apple, Android brings open source code that everyone can improve upon, and something which our young students can learn from, modify, and perhaps even control robots with it.

So, my question to you, why not root your Moto X?  There’s absolutely no reason not to.

Best, Max Lee

MotoXRoot.com Founder.

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You will need a rooted Moto X to install all ROM/kernels.

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4 thoughts on “Why Root Moto X?

  1. RoTimi Akinmoladun

    I agree that there are many reasons to root your Moto X however, I don’t agree with this statement, “There’s absolutely no reason not to”. Really? No good reason not to root?
    (Hmmm) One primary reason NOT to root your phone is to the possibility of losing your OEM/Factory Warranty! Another reason, the possibility of permanently damaging or completely bricking your phone!

    If however, you are like me who owns a 1st Gen Moto X which is now out of warranty and is experiencing issues from the OTA 5.1.1 update which rolled out recently and nothing else is working to get the issues fixed, why not root it and see if you can resolve the issues and customize the phone a bit in the process?

    I just unlocked and rooted my phone but will continue to stay on the stock rom for the built in Moto X features but am very glad that I took the plunge! I considered the risks and took the plunge!

    I recommend folks to think about what’s important to them and to understand the process and the risks before rooting their rooting Moto X. Either way, enjoy your phone and good luck!


  2. john

    hey max,

    how’s it going. have been currently following you for a 8 month and your the best you help me root my gs3 and install the lastest CM12.1 and i can’t be happier, now question is to you i just bought moto x pure edition and want to transfer over my apps and data to the moto x . i know i have to root the phone first my question is i will use titanium back up with i have on my gs3 and back everything up. and i want to move it over to the new device with all my texts. history and apps with data. i have seen a few sites give instruction but i trust you, you make things very simple. can you make a quick video on this please. thanks


  3. JOHN

    i have a question im getting moto x pure and im going to root it and install twrp recovery but i don’t want to flash any roms. i just want to back up and install rooted apps. my question is can i still get ota update being that moto x pure is getting the new android 6.0


*Note - If you have a question about your phone, please make sure specify which model and carrier you are using also!

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